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    Wednesday, November 4, 2009

    Daniel Maldonado Blog and Writings

    Daniel Maldonado, aka Daniel Aljughaifi, is an American who is accused of joining al Qaeda and traveling to Somalia to take part in Islamist activities.

    Archived copy of Maldonado's blog

    According to a listing on (INTELWIRE mirror), Aljughaifi was searching for a second wife.

    Listing Salem, N.H., as his home, and using the name "dmsalafi," Aljughaifi said he was looking for "a saudi sister,verry pious,18-30,kind,shy,sweet,wears hijab and can deal with poligamy" (all typos in original).

    Aljughaifi's profile, last updated more than a year and a half ago, said he was planning to work as a computer technician in Saudi Arabia.

    A poster on, who appears to be Aljughaifi's wife, was not especially happy with Aljughaifi's efforts to add a spouse. According to the post:
    it was written there is no changing that fact. Allah made polygeny Halal and no one can change it.

    from a womans point of veiw i can see being sad ,hurt, jealous bla bla bla.. but i cant see myself jumping off a building or stabbing my dh in the back.( ok i can see it but only in a day other than that lets come back to reality.

    no matter how mad ,sad,hurt we get if our husbands want to do this..... weither thay do it or not us crying,yelling,throwing a tantrum acting out will never change the way thay feel inside, even if thay dont marry again it will always be a thought in there mind and we wont be able to change that.

    what i have come to understand is that if its written for you it will happen no matter how many tears you cry, no matter how much you dont eat, no matter how much you fight it.

    sisters lets just relax, i know easyer said than done.
    sit back and go with the flow. if your dh is a good man he will take care of you and her properly.

    Previous: Aljughaifi's Blog

    Under the same dmsalafi handle, a poster who appears to be Aljughaifi posted poetry on the IslamicNetwork message board. A selection is excerpted below:

    stuck in an ocean of tears

    hearts can not set sail on the path of Allah
    without tears for them to sail on
    sails do not move nor ever go far
    without the winds of dhikr there on
    let not your eyes be set on a star
    lest devils snicker and stare on
    such will not guide nor protect you from narr
    advise from a well wisher
    to "bear on"
    have you ever been wrecked off of tainted shores
    without anyone knowing you traveld
    regretting the fact you got on board
    when the pleasure of rowing just had you
    you knew you were heading rite off course
    paying no attention, just baffled
    showing no regret, nor remorse
    watching shaytons henchmen just pass you

    the secret you kept

    I so long to meet the one I thaught to have met
    do not think of me wrong I have no regret
    sleepless nights spent alone, awake while you slept
    I just wish I had known the secret you kept
    do not think I have hate, don't think of me less
    this is my fate, I know I am blessed
    to be with you is great, yes I confess
    I just wish I had known the secret you kept
    only if you could see the tears in my eyes
    but you were asleep, to no ones surprise
    away I creep, while you find rest
    I wish I had known the secret you kept
    I have tried to wake you out of your slumber
    not cause I hate you, but because I wonder
    what is it that you conseal in your chest
    I just wish I had known the secret you kept
    I refuse to sleep another night without you
    stand on your feet theres no need to show you how to
    you knew the Sunnah as well as the rest
    and that oh Ummah is the secret you kept

    The Heart

    I must confess I've slept with the enemy
    then found unrest without solice or serenity
    over stressed with all she pretends to be
    she acts as if she is her own entity
    she seems to shape my very identity
    but whats at stake is what she once ment to me
    my soul was broke and it was her who befreinded me
    torn apart and it was her who then mended me
    I need Quran to cure this dear freind to me
    before I morn the heart that can not depend on me
    our hearts are like woman
    although we may doubt them
    you can't live with'em
    you can't live without'em


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